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I curate performances and organize concerts as Black Plastic Bag. Here is a partial list of Black Plastic Bag productions since 2006.

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February 11, 2006
Cake Shop, New York, NY

"Basement Soundclash"
Dr. Israel + Dreadtone Int'l, Hand-Fed Babies, No Surrender, Caution Curves, Dubbing in the Boneyard DJs

Fall 2006
Syrup Room, Brooklyn, NY

Vampire Weekend, Anton Glamb, Justin Carter, Vic Paramour

October 16, 2010
Silent Barn [Husk], Queens, NY

Liturgy, El Topo, Great Mason, Loud Objects
Projections by Burneverything
Psychomanteum by Eli Dvorkin

December 7, 2013
Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

"Wintry Mix"
Alan Watts, Long Distance Poison, Brat Pit, Warcries
Dance by Title:Point

March 11, 2014
Pleasure Jail aka Torture Heaven, Brooklyn, NY

Opening for Tristan Perich: "Machine Wall Drawing"
Comadrome, Sex President, Pam Finch, Duh

July 26, 2014
Heptagames II, Franklin, NY

"Wood Goth Rave Hut"
Endo Kame, Pam Finch
Set design by Eli Dvorkin and Nina Mashurova
Benediction by Stefan Fink

January 22, 2015
Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

"Ice Melter"
Mick Barr / Sarah Bernstein / Stuart Popejoy / Kid Millions, Ava Mendoza + Chris Corsano Duo, Greg Fox, Brat Pit